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I have had my card for just over a year now. I love it. Pay my bill over amount due EVERY month, on time. Never have had any issues. My husband died in May, and I used it for travel and hotel stay. It was very good to have.

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I never had any problems at all with them. I have been with them for over 7 years. They did work with me when I had problems making payments. They stop late fees into I catch up and also refund me my Annual fee. I never had any problems getting in contact with someone at customer service. I am very happy so far.

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When you fill out their pre approved application they say they will let you know. I don't need the card but thought it would be a good reserve to put away. I live in a hurricane area, so it is never a bad idea to have reserve. I figured okay preapproved and put it away for an emergency. I fill out the application and it says, we will let you know. What? That is not preapproved. Keep your card! They are a waste of time. Don't bother getting this... Read more

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I hate this company. Their payment notification system is the worst. It's a *** little card, with a $500 limit. I had my car windshield replaced, and I put it on this card. At some point in time, I was making regular payments, I had an excel spreadsheet setup with my bills. Well, I lost the excel spreadsheet which caused me to forget to pay this bill, because their bill notification system sucks. After getting upset, finding out that the card... Read more

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Lost my card for the first time in like 10 years that I've had the car when I called they close the car down stated that I old them a past due bill which my bill was current and then wouldn't give me my account number stating that they couldn't give out that information over the phone after they took my dog for a nap and now I don't have a car I don't have an account number so I can update my car I don't get it Read more

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I paid the annual fee because my credit needs help. I paid this in March. The FIRST time I try to use the card in May, it is DECLINED! Why? Fraudulent use that they were aware of but had not contacted me about yet. Fast forward to Aug. 10th....charges are still on my card, card that I PAID an annual fee for can't be used and there is NO resolution. I call all the time and every time I call, another THIRTY days is getting added to the... Read more

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I have called Customer Service at BOTH numbers (888-883-9824 and 888-530-3626 NUMEROUS TIMES and all I got was a busy signal. I couldn't even activate my card because of this. (That's a good thing, because I have no desire to make use of this card.) Perhaps they sensed that the purpose of the call was to cancel the card due to the fees incurred for a paltry $350 credit line! Imagine a $75 user fee for such a meager credit line! If I had gotten... Read more

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Don't even call that number to see what details are. Stay away. *** artists ruining people's credit..

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I've had the card for about 2.5 years now and maintained good payment history with the exception of one late payment. I got this card when my score was pretty low (mid 500) and I really needed a credit card. My first time seeking a credit line increase with this company I was denied. Years of fixing my credit I achieved and still maintain 717 Equifax, 725 TransUnion (the bureau they used), 717 Experian (See Picture). They sent me a letter today... Read more

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I have had my Legacy card for about 5 months now. My first payment was paid after hours on the due date and I was charged the $35 fee. I call them and brought attention to it and they gladly took the fee off and credited my account. I haven't had any issues with the company as of yet and its showing on my credit report. You have to pay your payments on time if you want to get ahead with credit cards. If you pay on time there is little worry that... Read more

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