I have had my Legacy card for about 5 months now. My first payment was paid after hours on the due date and I was charged the $35 fee.

I call them and brought attention to it and they gladly took the fee off and credited my account. I haven't had any issues with the company as of yet and its showing on my credit report. You have to pay your payments on time if you want to get ahead with credit cards.

If you pay on time there is little worry that things will be out of order. Pay earlier for cheaper interest; better yet pay all of what you spend that month so you never pay interest!

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I have had this account since June of 2017. I started with a $500.00 credit limit.

I was aware of the $79 yearly fee. Since one my payments was returned, they know hold payment for 10 days BUT that is my fault. People, pay your bills on time.

I have since received a credit increase line of $500.00 making my credit line $1K. I love this card.


I've hadmy Legacy card, for nearly two years.and never had any problems! Thank God!when I was late making my payment once,

They were kindly enough to remove the Late fee.which were a

Blessing! It's like putting tooth and nails trying to get this same courtesy from other creditors.even the high in department stores

And bank cards refused to remove late fees.yes Legacy does start out with a extremely embarrassing credit limit $300 ,but it has

Helped my credit score!


I never had any problems with Legacy. Just like all other bills... Pay them on time and you have no issues.


I have had legacy visa and am very happy for the second chance

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